Voice Recorder

Online Voice recorder allows you to create an audio recording directly from a browser by using your microphone. The recording is produced locally on your computer, and you can record as many times as you need. There is the option to save your recording on the server and get a link to it, so you can send it via email or use on the web.

What is Voice Recorder

Voice recorder is a cloud-based, call recording solution that helps organizations record calls for subsequent use and keep records of conversations between agents and customers. This helps you analyze customer views and agent competency more effectively. A voice recorder is essentially a digital device that records sound, saves it in file format, and transfers it to another device, such as a computer. Popular file types include MP3 and Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF).

A voice recorder captures sound, converting it into an audio file that can be conveniently transferred to another device, like a computer. They come in various models, with all sorts of bells and whistles–both as separate recording devices and as smartphone apps. Online Recorder Online offers both a voice recorder phone app and a browser based online voice recorder – both completely free to use.

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